Vission, Mission, Goals

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Vission, Mission, Goals

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Columban College envisions herself to the Catholic formation of students and professionals who are to become community and service-oriented individuals.


To prepare self-directed, responsible, humane, God-loving, and environment-caring citizens and leaders who are academically and vocationally equipped to cope with life and to be ready to serve others.


The development of intellectual independence and leadership in an environment of excellence and relevance through the constructive and productive use of potentials and capabilities of students into becoming creative, decisive, competitive, critically and analytically thinking and active individuals.


The goals will be realized through the following objectives:

1. Cultivation and inculcation of moral and spiritual foundation.

2. Acquisition of skills necessary to respond to the acceleration and development of high-level professionals and technically trained individuals.

3. Promotion of quality life through preservation and conservation of the physical and natural environment.

4. Provision for social amelioration of the underprivileged.

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